Sputnik – Russia’s first covid vaccine

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COVID Vaccine Why was the “world’s first” Covid-19 vaccination met with widespread scepticism? Russia’s first covid vaccine was created by Moscow’s Gamaleya Research Institute in partnership with the Russian Defense Ministry and based on the DNA of a SARS-CoV-2 type adenovirus. President of Russia Mr Vladimir Putin said that Russia is the first country who give regulatory permission to the Covid-19 vaccination known as ‘Sputnik V,’ raising concern among vaccine specialists who believe the government is cutting corners and putting … Continue reading “Sputnik – Russia’s first covid vaccine”


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What Is Yellow Fungus Infection?  Symptoms, Causes & All You Need To Know. Internally growing yellow fungus is more harmful than black and white fungus, and it recommends that if you see any symptom, please take treatment as soon as possible. Following the Black and White Fungus outbreaks, Yellow Fungus infection has recorded in the Delhi NCR area during COVID-19. Internally growing this fungus is harmful than the other two types and advises taking treatment as soon as signs occur. … Continue reading “CORONAVIRUS – YELLOW FUNGUS”