Due to a shortage of vaccine, Maharashtra may postpone vaccination for people aged 18 to 44.

After a vaccine shortage hit the state, Maharashtra. It is on the verge of suspending its drive to vaccinate those aged 18 to 44. So they take a step for those aged 45 and up can receive their second dose.

Several citizens over the age of 45 have been unable to receive their Covaxin second dose. The double amount of Covaxin must take 42 days, unlike the second dose of Covishield. It ismust take 8-12 weeks after the first dose. Due to a shortage of vaccine doses in the state, Maharashtra has declared that the Covid vaccination process will stop. People whose age is 18 to 44 will be “slower down” in favour of those age 45 and up. 

The vaccination operation, however, will not stop, according to the state Health Minister.

“As we don’t have vaccines, we’re slowing down the vaccination process for people age 18 to 44.”

We don’t want to stop, but we don’t have any vaccines right now. 

So Right now, we’re just providing vaccines to people 45 and up. We will discuss with the Chief Minister about having more vaccines.

The state had previously stated. It was considering the possibility of directly importing vaccines for Mumbai citizens as soon as possible.

“We’re looking into the possibility of collecting vaccines from around the world for Mumbai. 

If we can do that, we’ll be able to vaccinate Mumbai’s citizens in three weeks.”

Maharashtra, the pandemic’s worst-affected state, registered 37,236 new infections. On Monday, bringing the total number of active cases to nearly six lakh. The overall caseload to almost 51.4 lakh. 

There were also 549 deaths, bringing the total number of killed people to 76,398.

COVID-19 vaccine is available for free at government vaccination centres. That accept doses from the centre for qualifying population groups, including healthcare workers, frontline workers. People over the age of 45. According to the Liberalized Pricing and Accelerated National COVID-19 Vaccination Strategy.

On the other hand, states and the private hospital has purchased 50 per cent of the vaccines. As they want to immunise people aged 18 to 44.

Several citizens shared their dissatisfaction and disappointment. Aa they are not receiving their second vaccination six to seven weeks after receiving their first. 

Many senior citizens have suggested that the administration prioritise vaccination of people eligible for a second dose. They put the under-45 vaccination campaign on hold before the vaccine supply streamlines. 

Meanwhile, on Tuesday, people frustrated by miscommunication over appointment booking for those aged 45 and up. 

The civic body had not released the centres that would be functional. On Wednesday to administer vaccines to the age group until late at night. 

The vaccination will most likely begin afternoon on Wednesday.

Covaxin gave to 5430 people on Tuesday. 

The second dose of the vaccine gave to 4067 people.

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