Govt To Build Temporary 10K Oxygenated Beds Hospitals Near Industrial Units

The Government of India is now going to set up temporary hospitals near industrial units with 10k oxygenated beds. It is the next most impressive step taken by the Government of India.

As we all know, Indian is currently facing a crucial stage of a pandemic situation where every third Indian is positive with the lethal virus Covid-19. On Tv, we see a long queue out of cemetery sites. This is the worst stage of India. In short, we can say that India needs help. 

Indian reported more than 3,700 people dead with Covid-19 on Saturday. It is the highest single day death toll till now. Small states, including Bengal and Uttarakhand, recorded deaths in three digit figures for the first time ever. 

To sort these corona cries, our government constantly comes with new and life saving news for Indian. This time the government of India announced plans to build temporary hospitals with 10k oxygenated beds. These would provide some relief to India from the Covid-19 virus. 

For more information about Covid help, Covid support and others, stay connected with us. Till then, Stay Home, Stay Safe, Stay Healthy. 

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