Yellow Fungus

What Is Yellow Fungus Infection? 

Symptoms, Causes & All You Need To Know.

Internally growing yellow fungus is more harmful than black and white fungus, and it recommends that if you see any symptom, please take treatment as soon as possible.

Following the Black and White Fungus outbreaks, Yellow Fungus infection has recorded in the Delhi NCR area during COVID-19. Internally growing this fungus is harmful than the other two types and advises taking treatment as soon as signs occur.

Here’s what you need to hear about Yellow Fungus:


Popular Yellow Fungus signs include lethargy, weight loss, a loss of appetite, or no appetite at all.

Sunken eyes or the development and leakage of pus are more serious than these Fungus signs.

The fungus is said to slow wound healing, causing organ dysfunction, starvation, and, in rare cases, necrosis.


The causes of this fungus may vary from high humidity to old food, but poor hygiene is the primary cause. After getting rid of old food and adequately disposing of faeces, bacteria and fungi can’t spread. High moisture conditions encourage the growth of fungi, so humidity in a closed space (house or office) should not exceed 30-40%.


This Fungus can treat if caught early enough, as in the man who screened for the infection in Ghaziabad. Injections of amphotericin B, an antifungal compound, are used to treat this Fungus.

Infection of Yellow Fungus in India

This Fungus has discovered in Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh. Only one case found yet, no other states have confirmed this infection.

In India, both Black and White Fungus cases, which were first recorded two months ago, are increasing rapidly.

Keep your surroundings clean, eat fresh food only and STAY SAFE.

Stay Home Stay Safe and follow all the guidelines of the COVID-19.  Wear a Mask and maintain Social Distancing.

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