Corona Vaccine: No longer have to wait for 84 days

corona vaccine

Because of the spread of corona in the country and the world, the emphasis laid on vaccinating people. The government is making all possible efforts to prevent corona infection in India. Recently, Prime Minister Modi also announced to provide free vaccine to the countrymen. People are getting vaccinated by being aware. Last month, many states were battling the lack of corona vaccine, which increased the difference between the first and second doses of the corona was to 84 days. But now, again, the difference between these two vaccines has been reduced. New guidelines have also issued for this. The difference between the first and second doses of covishield has decreased once again.

The gap between the doses increased twice before reducing this time. It is exclusively for individuals who are planning a vacation abroad. Following the updated guidelines, some categories no longer require an 84-day waiting period.

Now you can apply for a second dose of Covishield even after 28 days. However, the gap between the two doses for Covaccine is still 28 days. So no changes have made to it.

How many times did the gap between the two doses of Covishield change?

The gap between both doses changed again for the third time. First, there was a difference between 28 to 42 days in the vaccination, which started from January 16. Then on March 22, this gap increased to 6-8 weeks. After this, on May 13, this difference reduced to 12-16 weeks.

What is in this new guideline?

According to the information received from the media, new guidelines of the Ministry of Health are for those who have taken the first dose of covishield and have to travel abroad. This foreign trip could be for studies, jobs and the Olympic team. Such people will not have to wait for 84 days for the second dose of Covishield. Even before that, the second dose can administer.

The results may rise if we will not follow corona guideline.

These days the graph of corona in the country is seen going down rapidly. The second wave of corona may have weakened, but the danger remains. According to the Ministry of Health, if we will not follow corona guideline, then these figures may increase again. If we talk about the last 24 hours, 91 thousand 702 new cases of corona infection were reported in the country, while 3403 patients lost their lives.

The overall number of infected people in the country has risen to 2 crores 92 lakh 74 thousand 823, introducing new corona cases. According to the Ministry of Health, there are now 11 lakhs 21 thousand 671 (11,21,671) ongoing corona cases in the country. With two crores 77 lakh 90 thousand 73 (2,77,90,000) persons recovering and returning to their homes. Corona has claimed the lives of 3 lakhs 63 thousand 79 (3,79,063) individuals in the country so far.

Which states have the highest number of vaccinations so far?

Gujarat, Maharashtra, Uttar Pradesh and Rajasthan in India had the highest number of vaccinations amid the second wave of the corona. So far, 2,10,48,169 people have vaccinated in Maharashtra. While 1,65,43,234 people have vaccinated in Uttar Pradesh, 1,61,83,750 in Rajasthan and 1,57,02 376 in Gujarat.

Still the lowest vaccination in this state

Tamil Nadu in South India has the lowest number of persons who have received the corona vaccination so far. According to the published data in the media, only nine per cent of the population in the state has vaccinated so far. In this context, Tamil Nadu’s name included in the lowest five states in terms of vaccination. The vaccine figures are also not so good in Uttar Pradesh, Assam, Bihar and Jharkhand. According to the data, just 9% of the population in Tamil Nadu, which has seven crores, has got the first dosage of the vaccine.

Four districts of UP become corona free, with emphasis on increasing vaccination.

In Uttar Pradesh, the pace of corona infection seems to be stopping rapidly. 4 districts of Uttar Pradesh have become corona free on Thursday. At the same time, in other 54 districts with a population of more than 20 lakhs, the cases of corona infection, including one or two, have reduced to a maximum of 10 points. At present, the positivity rate of corona in Uttar Pradesh is only 0.3 per cent, while the recovery rate has reached 98 per cent. Till now, 02 crores 15 lakh 88 thousand 323 people have vaccinated in UP.

In Uttar Pradesh, on average, 4 lakh people are being vaccinated every day. On the instructions of the CM, a target has set to vaccinate 5 to 6 lakh people daily in the coming days. At the same time, while setting the target of vaccinating 10 to 12 lakh people daily in July, The CM has also ordered that required measures have taken to boost the number of persons who receive the vaccine.

Corona Vaccine wastage is highest in these states.

According to the Ministry of Health’s data, three states in the country rank first in vaccination waste. Haryana, Assam, and Rajasthan are the states with the most vaccination waste.

Haryana has the highest vaccination wastage rate, at 6.49 per cent. The highest Corona vaccine wastage is in Haryana, which is 6.49 per cent. At the same time, Assam ranked second, with a 5.92 per cent vaccination wastage rate. The state Rajasthan ranked third, with a 5.68 per cent vaccination wastage rate. Meghalaya is at number four in corona vaccine wastage, where 5.67 per cent of corona vaccine has wasted. At the same time, 5.20 per cent in Bihar, 5.19 per cent in Manipur, 4.94 per cent in Punjab, 4.85 in Dadar and Nagar, 4.13 in Tamil Nadu 3.36 per cent in Nagaland.

Here India’s corona vaccine was not approved in America.

According to media sources, Bharat Biotech’s emergency use of the vaccine has not licenced in the United States. Bharat Biotech’s application for an emergency use permission (EUA) for the covid vaccine was denied by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA), delaying the vaccine’s availability in the US. Let us remind you that Ocugen, Bharat Biotech’s US partner, has already submitted a master file to the US drug authority FDA, requesting clearance for emergency use of this vaccine.

Ocugen, Bharat Biotech’s US partner, said the business will now pursue complete approval for Covaxin. Indeed, the US FDA has requested that the company do another trial to file a Biologics License Application (BLA). It is a full approval. Let us point out that this Covaccine discovery comes at a time when Bharat Biotech has criticized India for failing to share the results of its.

Phase III clinical trial, nearly six months after the company’s vaccine approved for use in India’s vaccination programme.







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